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In The Dog House

All dogs come topped with garlic mayo, German ketchup, mustard, crispy onions and a side of skinny fries and coleslaw. All meat sausages are gluten free.

Classic £6.95

Our Bavarian classic

Chilli £8.95

"Rindwurst mit Chilli" it's got a nice kick so enjoy with a cold beer

Garlic Dog £8.95

From the field and the farm, a favourite in Hamburg

Smokehouse £7.50

Oak, smoke and pork, we love it

Vegan £8.95

Made with wheat protein and smoked, its a vegetarian and vegans delight

The Burger bar

All burgers come with nude skinny fries and chopped house slaw

One stack £6.95

Cheeseburger, one beef pattie, cheese, tomato, red onion and ketchup

Chicken, bacon and cheese £8.50

Buttermilk chicken breast, grilled bacon, cheese and baconnaise

Garden £9.50

Southern fried quorn escallop, cheese, garlic mayo, ketchup, lettuce, tomato and red onion

Bang tidy £9.50

8 Oz beef, fried chicken, bacon, cheese, crumbed & fried cheese stuffed chilli pepper, garlic mayo

Cow girl £8.50

8 Oz beef, bacon, cheese, onion rings and bbq sauce

Our Garage

All come in a burger bun with nude skinny fries

Full wad £7.50

Burger, bacon, cheese, fried bread, beans, hash brown and a fried egg

Fajita chicken £7.50

Lettuce, tomato, red onion and garlic mayo

Captain jack £4.95

Fish finger butty, mushy peas and ketchup

Steak pie butty £6.50

Mushy peas and gravy

Bacon butty £4.95

It’s a bacon butty

Our Pizza Oven

All our Pizzas are made fresh to order

Margherita £7.50

Beef tomato, oregano and fresh basil

Diavola £8.50

Pepperoni, red onion, jalapeno

Fajita Chicken £9.50

Mixed peppers and rocket

Goats Cheese £9.50

Mixed peppers, pesto and rocket

Al Capone £8.50

Beef chilli, pepperoni, red onion and jalapeno

Hawaiian £8.50

Honey roast ham, pineapple and rocket

Fungi £9.95

Parmesan, red onion, truffle oil and rocket

Ranch £8.50

Pepperoni, red onion, jalapeno and bbq sauce

Garlic Flatbread £4.95

Garlic oil and grated parmesan

Fry - Away Fries


Nude Skinny £2.50

Just a little salt & pepper

Sweet potato £3.25

Just a little salt & pepper

Dead posh cheesy £3.50

Grated parmesan & truffle oil

Mexicana £4.95

Beef chilli, cheese, Jalapeno and sour cream

Mr Woo £2.95

Chinese salt and pepper, spring onion and soy

Sweet chilli £2.95

With sour cream

Disco £2.95

Curry ketchup, garlic mayo and tomato ketchup

Fries and rings £4.50

Nude skinny and 6 onion rings

Get Stuffed Bakery

Made to order folded flat bread

Fajita Chicken £6.50

Red onion, coriander and garlic mayo

Beef chilli £6.50

Pizza sauce, cheese, red onion, jalapeno and sour cream

BBQ pulled pork £6.95

Cheese, red onion, jalapeno and bbq sauce

Cheese £4.50

With onion

Bacon £5.50

Cheese and baked beans

Pepperoni £5.50

Cheese and red onion

Nachos Central


BBQ pulled pork £7.95

Jalapeno, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and coriander

Fajita Chicken £7.95

Cheese, sour cream, jalapeno, sweet chilli sauce and coriander

Chilli Cheese £6.95

Chilli con carne, jalapeno, cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and coriander

One of everything £19.95

Fish Shop

Calamari £8.95

Salt and pepper calamari, fries, garlic mayo and soy

Scampi £8.95

Wholetail scampi, fries, mushy peas, a dollop of tartar and a wedge of lemon

Fish Fingers £6.95

Nude skinny fries, mushy peas, a dollop of tartar and a wedge of lemon

The Hen House

Dead posh chicken nuggets £7.50

Nude skinny fries, garlic mayo, bbq and sweet chilli sauce

Chinese chicken wings £7.95

Nude skinny fries, garlic mayo, bbq and sweet chilli sauce

Fried chicken bites £7.95

Nude skinny fries, garlic mayo, bbq and sweet chilli sauce

Puddings At The Sweet Shop

Black Forest Gateau £3.95

Vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce and a sprig of mint

Caramel crunch cookie dough £4.95

Salted caramel sauce

Chocolate fudge cake £4.95

Maple syrup, vanilla ice cream and a sprig of mint

Man vs Food

Cost £25

Time Limit 20 Mins

If you complete it, you get it for free!


    2 burgers, each with 5 beef patties, tomato, red onion, Emmental and tex mex cheese, jalapenos, onion rings and fries with our “Competition” hot sauce

  • Wings Challenge

    You pick metric or imperial 5lb / 2kg chicken wings cooked in our competition hot sauce with Chinese fries and a sprinkle of spring onion


    4 smoked hotdogs, tomato, red onion, cheese, ketchup and mustard all in a 1 metre baguette with fries.

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